VIDEO:How ‘Anas’ cover was allegedly blown in TseAdo land-guards operation


Kennedy Agyapong’s Net 2 TV has confirmed that the young man captured in a viral video is indeed Anas Aremeyaw Anas with shocking revelations.

Net2 TV revealed that the land originally belonged to a La stool lawyer called Kojo Graham who also sold the land to another person.

The new buyer had to fight with Anas because Anas was also laying claim to the said land.

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The new owner of the land realizing Anas had been using armed landguards on the land also hired his own landguards who clashed with Anas and overpowered him forcing him to disclose himself as Anas.

According to Net2 TV, Anas initially set out his secret cameras on the said land and connected to his mobile phone to monitor whoever visits the land.

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“This the owner of the land also decided not to allow Anas to go scot-free, therefore, he decided to ambush him. Apparently, he [Anas] was on the land together with his landguards and they got ambushed,” the narrator said.

“The people who laid ambush on Anas outnumbered the personnel Anas went with, therefore they overpowered him and hence his [Anas] cover was blown.”

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