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WAATCH: Popular Ghanaian Pastor recounts how he saw a woman’s breast and got an erεction during deliverance

Leonard Allotey, the lead pastor of Prophetic Gathering International Ministry, has shared a story about a time when he was on the verge of sinning against God and himself.

Pastor Leonard stated in an interview with SVTV Africa’s DJ Nyaami that being a man of God does not negate such sentiments of pleasure. As a result, some pastors and/or Christians succumb to such persuasions.

He told how he was praying for an ex-girlfriend at a prayer camp and almost had sεx with her.

“At a prayer camp, I once attempted to pray for an ex-girlfriend. We were conducting midnight prayers, but she was wearing a dress that showed her breasts. I realized I had a hard-on when I started praying for her. I felt sorry for her. “That’s when I realized that one-on-one prayers aren’t going to help me,” he explained.

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Pastor Leonard said he couldn’t tell if it was planned or not because his ex-girlfriend didn’t notice.

“You should not pray with a female member alone because it is inappropriate,” Pastor Leonard remarked in response to whether or not individual prayers for female church members are good. The majority of pastors who do so are womanizers.

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