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WATCH: Angry Agradaa ‘punches’ Dr Osei Kwame Despite

Nana Agradaa, who claims to have committed her life to Christ and is now known as Evangelist Mama Pat, has launched a blood feud with Dr. Osei Kwame Despite and his staff, especially Ola Michael.

Agradaa showered unprintable abuses on Dr. Osei Kwame Despite and Ola Michael in an audiotape that has been making the rounds on social media.

Nana Agradaa’s venomous attack on Dr. Osei Kwame Despite was prompted by an interview Ola Micheal gave on NEAT FM, in which he lambasted the now-evangelist of God for converting her 419 scheme to God’s name.

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According to the dishonest Nana Agradaa, who has no shame, it was Dr. Osei Kwame Despite and Fadda Dickson who hired Ola Michael to smear her name, therefore they were a part of it.

Ola’s supervisors, she stated, are not even in her class, let alone a worker, to behave in this manner.

Why would Nana Agradaa attack only because Ola Micheal stepped on her toes? She must be psychologically disturbed.

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