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WATCH: Another suggestive video of a gym instructor and a married woman at the gym hits online

Another gym instructor saw a compromising posture with a hot lady in a gym in a new viral video.

A fitness instructor has court trouble for himself as a video of him taking a beautiful lady through a rigorous training session following the sad incident that happened about a month ago when a fitness instructor was killed by some unknown gunmen for allegedly sleeping with someone’s wife.

The fitness instructor, Stephen Akowuah also known as Little is based in Tantra Hill was reportedly shot dead in his room after the assailants stormed their home where he lives with other tenants.

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Fitness instructors have been marked and tagged some as people who use the opportunity of helping women to get in shape and trim their body and sleep with them.

However, in this video, netizens are afraid for the life of this fitness coach as he was seen taking a female client through a workout routine that triggers thoughts of temptation and they have raised fears he could be in trouble if the husband or boyfriend of the gorgeous lady sees the video.

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Watch the video below:

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