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WATCH: Beautiful university lady runs mad after lodging in hotel with a married man

After staying with a man in a motel, a beautiful university student goes insane. According to reports, a young university lady has gone insane after staying in a motel with a male.

On social media, there have been reports of young women becoming psychologically disturbed after staying in a hotel with guys. People believe that whoever this lady was, she may have been exploited for ritual purposes by the man she went out with.

A young woman has taken to the streets to demonstrate her lunacy. The woman has been walking about her neighborhood naked, with disheveled hair and bare feet. In the early hours of February 20, the yet-to-be-identified lady was seen raising a commotion.

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While many people are unsure what caused this outburst of craziness, an eyewitness claims that the unidentified lady became insane as a result of her personal relationship with a married guy.

According to the onlooker, the now insane woman has a history of sleeping with married men.

She believes that her current situation is the result of an intimate relationship she had with another married man. This, however, remains unconfirmed.

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