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WATCH: Bedroom video of popular Sakawa boy with five Slay Queens hits online

These Internet scammers, also known as Sakawa lads, are making the most of their brief existence. They are the ones who are committing the most crimes, such as drunkenness, smoking, womanizing and living a showy lifestyle.

However, a new video that has appeared on the internet has had a lot of people talking. In the video, a well-known Nigerian man is shown having fun in his bedroom with five different women at the same time.

The wealthy young man claims to be a businessman and a musician, but rumors on the street contradict his claims.

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Four of the girls frolic with each other while twerking hard on each other’s booty in the video. Another lady kept rushing in and out, kissing the young man and whetting his hunger for what was to come next.

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Source: DailyNewsGhana.com/2022

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