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WATCH: Boyfriend publicly flogs main chic for beating up side chic

A competition between two females who were competing for a man’s love and favor culminated in tears for the primary chic, who initiated the whole thing.

The lady who considered herself to be the major chic gathered her buddies and went out to beat up the ostensible side chic.

The lady and his buddies smacked, flogged, and kicked the side chic in the video while angrily warning her to stay off her man.

The main character was cheerful about her choice to rescue her relationship from intruders and wreckers seeking to steal her man.

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As a result, she made the bold choice to go to the side chic and beat her up.

The guy found out about the side chic almost as soon as she completed dealing with her.

The boyfriend, whom they had been fighting over and for whom the main chic had gone to beat up the side chic, intended to settle the score right away.

In order to settle the score, he publicly chastised the main chic for fighting the side chic. He surrounded her with her assailants and thrashed them.

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