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WATCH: Disturbing video drops as school teachers gangs up to beat a JHS student at the staff room

In a disturbing video available to us, a group of vicious male teachers has rough handled a student by beating him to stupor at the staff common room.

In the video, the student was seen lying helpless on the floor while being held down by about 4 teachers amid beatings and heavy slaps.

The wrong the student did to be subjected to such merciless beatings is now known however the act by the teachers has been vehemently condemned by people who have watched the video.

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Watch the video below;

See some reactions on social media after the video surfaced o the internet:

manlymccall: “I don’t care what he did… but if this my brother treated this way …. there will be war in that school……”

getbuzy247: “Ghana Police abeg come watch something for here , eiiii one small kid and they are doing like they are fighting John Cena or Big Show ??”

iamnharris: “Eeeeiii Jesus. Isn’t he someone’s child?? Omigoodness ??”


davepap30: “The teachers need to be arrested asap it doesn’t sound like it’s Ghana though”

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