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WATCH: How a popular Police officer abandons wife and son for over 6yrs – Wife recounts moments of abuse

Gladys Akense, a single mother, has revealed that her husband has abandoned her and their son for the past six years, refusing to provide for his needs.

Gladys stated in an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa that he has disregarded his obligations and frequently asks her to sleep with him for money. She talked about their struggles before he became a cop, as well as his infidelity.

“When we first met, he was a taxi driver, and soon after, he was offered the chance to join the police force, but he declined. It was up to me to persuade him. We had saved some money before he went, but I gave everything to him and sent him off to the training grounds.

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After he passed out, he found a place for us to stay in Accra. When I returned from my hometown, I discovered that he was living with a lady. She recalled, “I complained about it, but he beat me up instead.”

Gladys went on to say that she was pregnant at the time and was worried about the baby’s safety. Fortunately, she gave delivery without incident. Her spouse, on the other hand, refused to carry out his responsibilities as a father.

“After that episode, we broke up for a bit.” He and the child arrived when I gave delivery, but that was it. He would send 50 cedis whenever I confronted him. He offered to sleep with me once before giving me money for his son,” she revealed.

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