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WATCH: How wrong injection got Maame Yaa deformed and paralyzed

Maame Yaa, 28, lives in a village called Saakye in the Central area with a caretaker. Maame Yaa, according to a village elder, was sick when she was little. However, she received the incorrect injection, which resulted in her current condition.

Nana Kweku Asare, the community’s leader, told DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa that she had been left ignored for years. She has also been unable to attend school since then.

“She is alone because her mother is out of town for medical treatment and her father has passed away.” She gets meals from a lady here on occasion. He mentioned that she had two additional siblings who rarely visit her.

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He went on to say that Maame Yaa’s condition has made her a laughingstock in the area, with some even calling her a witch. Despite her age, she has the appearance and demeanor of a youngster.

Maame Yaa currently requires the use of a wheelchair to get around. Please help her by donating to the SVTV Africa Foundation. To donate, please contact SVTV Africa.


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