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WATCH: I once invested in education of my guy and he broke my heart – Ghanaian actress reveals

Charity Nyaho Ofori, a Ghanaian actress, has stated that she would not mind being a second wife to a wealthy man provided he could meet her wants.

Charity told SVTV Africa’s DJ Nyaami that she has had her fair share of heartbreaks and it-will-all-be-right-one-day romances and believes she is deserving of better.

“I’m fine with being a second wife, but not a third or fourth.” He must be able to look after me so that I can look after my child. “Someone with a business job so that I may support him,” she added.

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Charity shared a story about a student she dated who broke up with her after she ‘invested’ in him. “I cooked for him and spent a lot of money on him because I was working and he was in university,” she explained.

Charity also discussed what she would offer to the table if she were to marry a wealthy man, as she prefers.

Watch the interview below:


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