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WATCH: I slept with him in the presence of his wife – Hookup girl reveals

Berry Bobs, a young lady and single mother of two, has revealed a horrifying experience as a hookup girl. She described how she negotiated a 700 cedis threesome contract with a customer who included a man and his wife.

Berry told SVTV Africa’s DJ Nyaami that one of her customers requested a threesome with his wife. His wife was a nursing mother who had undergone surgery to prevent her from having intercourse.

“He called me late at night, but I was unconcerned because he is a regular customer.” When I arrived at their home, his wife greeted me and provided me with food and other necessities, making me feel at ease. “It was just my client and me,” she claimed, “but his wife was observing us.”

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According to Berry, the recent increase in youth hookups is attributed to unemployment. Most of them, she claims, don’t enjoy it but do it for the money. “As a result of this, I have an AIDS test every week.” Hooking up is perilous, but we don’t have any other options.”

Berry Bobs went on to say that she likes phone sex because she is susceptible to sexually transmitted illnesses.

“I also don’t want it to influence my children in the future.” I don’t want people to accuse their mother of being a hookup girl,” she says.

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Watch the interview below:

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