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WATCH: I tried jumping off a train three times due to depression – Ghanaian single mother recounts

Janet Korley, a Ghanaian who first came to Lebanon to work, has revealed her story of traveling to Europe by road while pregnant and dealing with depression.

Janet stated in an interview with SVTV Africa that after giving birth to her first child, who has sickle cell illness, she continued her journey to the United Kingdom, where she worked for years without having any pepper documentation.

“At the time, I was working at a train station and caring for my child. Because I was fatigued, I attempted three times. I wanted to return home while applying for citizenship, but I was told not to.

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On three separate times, I chose to exit the train. “I couldn’t sleep because everything was replaying like a record,” she explained to DJ Nyaami.

Janet claims that her child is the sole reason she is still alive today. “I went as far as opening the train window,” she said, “but I kept thinking of my child.” She went on to say that she was still depressed and unhappy after being married.


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