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WATCH: Kelvyn Boy’s baby mama rains curses on him after suffering another severe beatings

Kelvyn Boy’s baby mom reportedly wished the musician ill.

Deborah, the musician Kelvyn Boy’s baby mama, has cursed him for his never-ending mistreatment.

Deborah is still being abused physically and mentally by the artist who is facing charges of assault.

He opened his mouth to criticize her family, who fed him when he was a nothing, according to the lady, and called them a bunch of fools.

Deborah chanted a curse, saying that if she ever harmed Kelvyn Boy, God would punish her, and if he wronged her, God would deal with him.

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May Kelvyn Boy and his new woman have no peace for the rest of their life, said the lady.

Deborah and Kelvyn Boy have two children together, but their relationship has been strained due to Kelvyn Boy’s continual abuse of Deborah.

In 2022, the musician was arrested again for allegedly assaulting the same baby mom.

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Source: DailyNewsGhana.com/2022

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