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WATCH: Lady poisoned to death by close friends over UK trip, sad video drops

Following the murder of their daughter, who was allegedly poisoned to death by her close friends, a Ghanaian family has been left in total grief and anguish.

According to rumors, the lovely lady was poisoned by her close friends after she revealed that she would be visiting the United Kingdom in the coming days.

While there are no specifics on whether an autopsy was performed to verify the claims, reports indicate the deceased meal was poisoned.

According to reports, some of the deceased’s acquaintances grew enraged when she told them she was going to the UK in a few days and poisoned her meals.

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Much information about the tragedy has yet to be acquired, but we have seen a video of beautiful Nana Adwoa on the sickbed, fighting for her precious life (apparently wasted by her friends).

Another video discovered shows the lady being transported to the mortuary while some friends and hospital staff watched on, their eyes welling up with grief.

Watch the video below:

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