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WATCH: Man flogged at Circle for buying iPhone 13 with counterfeit cash

After being found attempting to pay for a new iPhone 13 with counterfeit money at Circle (Accra), a young man wished the earth would open up and devour him.

In an Instagram video published by Atinka News, a man who wanted to reap where he didn’t sow is seen sitting on the floor surrounded by several others.

He was told to hold up the alleged counterfeit cash notes while being filmed, with a man carrying a cane whipping him at random intervals.

According to reports, the guy went to Ghana’s Circle Mall and paid for the pricey phone with counterfeit Ghana Cedis, but he was apprehended before he could escape with it.

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All of his pleadings for mercy failed to sway the enraged passersby in the popular packed region of the national capital, which is infamous for criminal activity.

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