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WATCH: Meet 14-year-old twins who quit school to learn mechanical work

Gloria and Glorine Martels, 14-year-old twins, skipped school approximately a year ago to study mechanical skills. The piece was termed as ‘in the blood’ by them.

Gloria stated in an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa that their passion for the job led them to it, and that their parents were supportive because their father worked in the same field.

“Both my father and uncle used to work in this industry. They wanted us to finish school first, but we were always running from school to job. “They eventually decided to let us learn,” Gloria explained.

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Glorine said their ambition is to work as Army wheeled vehicle mechanics in the future.

“In the future, we want to be soldiers.” After five years of on-the-job training, we will return to technical school. “Right now, we’re mostly working on BMWs,” Glorine remarked.

Their master expressed his doubts about their work ethic, but they proved him wrong.

“They are both diligent and intelligent.” They can disassemble and reassemble the vehicle, as well as remove the engine. “However, they are now learning to detect flaws in automobiles,” he continued.

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