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WATCH: Most men have erectile issues because they urinate on herbs – Herbalist drops more bombshell

Most males suffer from erectile and penial disorders, according to Ghanaian herbalist Veronica Owusua AKA Akosua Kiko, because they urinate largely on leave and in gutters.

Akosua highlighted that leaves are similar to humans because of their power in an exclusive interview with SVTV Africa. She went on to say that spirits live in vast bodies of water and gutters. As a result, the spirit has the potential to make a man sick.

“Both herbs and leaves are human beings. They live in their own world, therefore you must know how and when to ask if you have an issue. Herbs have a lot of power. Stop urinating on the leaves, my brothers. Because they peed on plants, most guys have pineal illnesses. Even the large gutter in which you urinate has a personality. “Go to the restroom and pee,” she advised DJ Nyaami.

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Akosua also described how herbs are harvested for use. Herbs, she claims, come in second only to the power of God.

“To be able to employ herbs, you must have spiritual eyes.” Some herbs require you to strip down to your underwear, remove your shoes, and knock on the plant before plucking it. You must first place 20 or 50 pesewas under the tree, then explain your problem to it before it plucks it for you,” Akosua explained.


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