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WATCH: My husband tried to burn me alive after I caught him cheating – Ghanaian woman narrates

Sarah Adablah is a middle-aged woman who was trapped in a poor marriage; she recounts her ex-adultery husband’s and physical violence, even after their divorce.

On SVTV Africa, he said Sarah claimed that her ex-husband was planning to evict her from the residence and had threatened to kill her or falsely accuse her of committing a crime. Sammy (ex-husband) didn’t have a roof over his head when they married, so he rented a place for him.

“We moved into my three-bedroom house after we married. He came to his girlfriend soon after and introduced her as a relative. Aside from that, I objected to how he interacted with a local lady, and he thrashed me. He even poured gasoline on me, but I clung to him so firmly that he couldn’t ignite the match,” she recounted.

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Furthermore, even after their divorce, Sammy has decided not to leave her home. To avoid any confrontation, the police have urged her to stay out of the house till he leaves, according to her. She is, however, afraid of losing her home to a man who merely benefited from her labor.

Watch the interview below:

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