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WATCH: My life is in danger, my Albanian baby daddy wants to take my child – Single mother cries

Margaret Brown, a Ghanaian single mother living in the United Kingdom, has disclosed that her Albanian baby daddy spies on her in order to kidnap their daughter.

Margaret stated on SVTV Africa that her baby daddy became involved with her simply to guarantee his stay in the UK. As a result, he dumped Margaret shortly after she had a child.

“He had an asylum passport, and his lawyer advised him that the only option for him to become a permanent resident was to adopt a child.” As a result, he always put pressure on me to have a kid with him. “I refer to my daughter as a miracle baby because I was on contraception at the time and didn’t find out until my fifth month,” she explained.

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Margaret went on to say that he kicked her out of his house shortly after she gave birth and does not care for the child. He also has someone watching her every move.

“According to the regulations in this country, a father can only take custody of a child if the mother is mentally ill or violent. He’s tried to elicit reactions from me so that he may use them against me. He conspired with my next-door neighbor to vandalize my automobile in order to elicit a reaction.”

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Now all I need is someone to assist me to find a flat outside of London where he won’t be able to find me. She claimed on Daily Hustle, “I don’t need him because he doesn’t even help with the child.”

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