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WATCH: Netizens in tears as last video of Dag Heward Mills’ son before his death surfaces

A series of films depicting bits of the late Dr. David Heward Mills’ life have surfaced on social media days after his untimely death.

In an Instagram video, the late Dr. Mills was shown beaming with joy and dancing whenever he could.

Even at work and when he went out to have fun with his pals in his spare time, he appeared to be a very vibrant person.

The late Dr. Mills was seen dancing his heart out with several friends at what appeared to be a restaurant at one point in the video.

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During that time, he appeared to be very eager and almost slid.

Another segment of the film shows the 31-year-old medical doctor dancing in his living room while wearing his work clothes and wearing his tag on his chest.

Dr. Mills was spotted dancing his heart out as he got off work, and he was seen with a rucksack in another scene.

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