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WATCH: Sakawa boys eating toɨlət, pastor sleeping with married woman; more damning Buokrom cemetery revealed

Sakawa boys and pastors frequently visit the cemetery for ritual purposes, according to a cemetery watchman.

Mr. Yeboah, in an interview with the DerMadking, said that people come to the Buokrom Cemetery D’or rites.

Sakawa lads come to the Buokrom cemetery in Kumasi to perform some of their rites, according to Mr. Yeboah ebi, who guards the cemetery.

He claims he’s seen them eating bread with Tolt a couple of times.

Mr. Yeboah claims the Sakawa boys arrive pretending to have a stomachache and need to relieve themselves.

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When he allows them to take their time, they examine him and eat bread rubbed in an old Tolt on his blind side.

Watch the video below:


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