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WATCH: Shisha kills and destroys heart faster than cigarettes; more deadly effect revealed

Doris Aseidu, a shisha seller, has issued a warning to shisha smokers, saying that it is more hazardous than cigarettes.

Doris stated on SVTV Africa’s Daily Hustle that she will not urge anyone to smoke them based on her personal experience.

“I’m no longer a smoker.” When I did, I had a lot of chest symptoms, so I advised myself,” she added.

Doris went on to say that she would not mind if the government outlawed shisha use because it is hazardous.

“I wouldn’t mind if they outlawed shisha, even though I sell it.” She went on to say, “I can’t be against it since I’ll lose money.”

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According to studies, smoking shisha for one hour produces the same amount of pollutants as smoking over 100 cigarettes. As a result, shisha smokers are at an increased risk of heart and vascular disease, cancer, and other health problems.


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