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WATCH: Social media mocks, exposes old Ayisha Modi for fixing her body with pads

Trolls, assaults, and derision abound on social media, particularly in Ghana. To play on social media for an extended period of time, one must have the ‘I don’t care’ heart.

This is in response to some social media comments made after Ayisha Modi posted a video displaying her newly acquired figure to her admirers and followers.

In the popular video, Ayisha Modi showed off her enlarged hips, behind, standing boobs, and flat belly by winding her waist.

Ayisha Modi has not gone for figure enhancement, according to comments spotted online by a ghost page @themeganthelion on Instagram. It claims she wore a hip pad solely to show off her curves.

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In her attempt to look good like her boss ladies, the ghost page joked that Modi looks like wood even in a hip pad.

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Source: DailyNewsGhana.com/2022

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