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WATCH: Some Ghanaian women abroad are not satisfied with sex – Ghanaian woman explains

Mavis Ansah, a Ghanaian lady living in the United Kingdom, has revealed that, in addition to child benefits, sexual desire is another reason for divorce in Ghanaian society.

Mavis said on SVTV Africa that most men in the UK have little time for their families because they work for longer periods of time. Women, in particular, file for divorce as a result of this. She went on to say that some women use it as an excuse once she moves to London.

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“Some women crave physical contact as well, but men work long hours and are frequently exhausted. Then they begin to complain. It is common among women who get married and move to London. But after they leave and find another man, the problem will still be there.”

Apart from that, child benefits from the UK government have also played a role, according to Mavis. She revealed that as a result of it, a Ghanaian guy murdered his wife.

“I believe that because the women do not explain the money they receive as child benefit to the men, they believe it is a large sum.” Because of it, a man recently killed his wife,” Mavis confessed.

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The government evaluates the mother’s monthly income, and “if you’re working 5 hours instead of full time, they give you that extra pay to make up for the hours spent caring for your infant,” the mother of four stated.

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