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WATCH: Some Ghanaians have come up with strategies to ‘dodge’ the payment of E-levy

Mobile money users have devised a scheme to avoid paying the E-levy.

Some users of mobile money have discovered a way to avoid paying E-levy.

Metro TV went out on the streets to talk to individuals about how they plan to use mobile money now that the electronic transaction tax has been implemented.

To avoid paying the E-levy, one man stated he no longer sends money to individuals like he used to.

He now allows cashout on his phone for the person to whom he is intended to transmit the money to collect from a mobile money seller near him.

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For example: if you’re in Dansoman and want to send money to someone in Tema, the person in Tema will have to go to a mobile money vendor and pretend he wants to withdraw money from his phone but instead of his number, he will give out the person in Dansoman’s number.

With this, the person is Dansoman will allow cashout of the said amount for the person in Tema to take from the mobile money vendor.

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