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WATCH: Suspected ritualists caught trying to take lady’s urine for rituals

After a lady eased herself in Benin, two young Nigerian lads suspected of being ritualists were found attempting to take her urine on the ground.

The young lads allegedly ran to collect the waste product as soon as the unidentified lady urinated by the highway, and the event is said to have occurred near Evbotubu Bustop in Benin City, Edo State.

However, they were unlucky because they were discovered by some local adolescents, and when probed, one of them said that he was simply collecting it with the idea of disposing of it, but his statement sounded ridiculous.

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The video has aroused uproar on social media, and people have been warned to be cautious of themselves since these ritualists have resorted to using other people’s pee instead of their own, and they are no longer wearing underpants.

Watch the video below:


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