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WATCH: Thief nabbed after stealing battery from police patrol van

After stealing a battery from a patrol vehicle in a police station, a notorious thief was captured.

The young man, who is reported to be a serial auto battery thief, was detained after stealing the battery from a police vehicle, according to a video circulating on social media.

Although the exact location of the incident is unknown, some features from the video imply that it occurred in Ghana.

The police vehicle in question has a Ghana Police Service number plate with the registration number GP 3158, as seen in the video.

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The robber can also be seen standing in front of the car with the hood open and the battery balanced on his head.

In the background, the police officers who arrested him are heard chastising the suspected thief for his criminal behavior. The cops were heard speaking Akan throughout the majority of the video.

“You can’t go anywhere to steal, including the police station?” One of the cops can be heard yelling. “Even if you are impudent, do you steal police car battery?” another officer is overheard asking.

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One of the officers, enraged by the suspected thief’s bravado, is overheard recommending that the crook be punished by applying acidic battery contents to his rectum.

Watch the video belo:

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