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Watch Video: Afia Schwarzenegger is hot for filming female cell inmates

Nana Tornado has put Afia Schwarzenegger in hot water for filming female cell inmates.

Nana Tornado has sent a message to Ghana’s IGP that if Afia Schwarzenegger is still left to go free after storming to a police station to reportedly film inmates in a police cell, with one of them being naked, then Ghana is a joke.

Speaking on Onua TV’s ‘Bribi Gye Gye Wo’ show hosted by Mona Gucci, he quizzed that ‘how can a civilian storm a police station and the station officer will be there for Afia Schwarzenegger to go and film cell inmates to post on social media whilst one of them was naked?’

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Calling out Afia Schwarzenegger, Nana Tornado said “look how you run to Dome Pillar 2 police station to report Abrokwa for filming you in bed with another man after caught you, you went to report. How about someone that was arrested in a cell?.”

The incident happened about 2 weeks ago when Adu Safowaa was held in custody after she dragged a businessman into her social media with Afia Schwarzenegger, claiming that Afia and the man are HIV positive.

Watch the video below:

After Safowaa’s arrest, Afia stormed the police station to confront her, filmed it in a video that went viral online which sparked outrage on social media over how lawless she acted.

According to Nana Tornado, since then, he hasn’t heard anything again. “IGP if you are not able to react, then I thinking we are joking,” he said. Hear more from him in the video below.

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