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Watch Video: Angry Journalist slaps guest on live TV

Human rights activist, Ahmed Isah of Brekete Family TV, caused a shocker when he slapped his guest while filming live.

The media man was asking the guest why he compiled a list of some Nigerians who had gathered for recruitment, but the guest’s explanation was not adding up.

Per videos that have gone viral, some citizens had gathered at a venue for recruitment, but they were left disappointed when an announcement came through that the process had been canceled.

However, the TV guest, under the pretext of being a staff, went round to compile names and details of the potential employees, without authorization.

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After admitting his crime during the interview, Mr. Isah landed a hot slap on his cheeks, shocking the employees and Nigerians.

Prior to the latest assault, Mr. Isah had earlier slapped a woman, identified as Susan John, while he interviewed her after she set her niece on fire over allegations that the child was a witch.

While interviewing her on his Brekete Family show on Human Rights radio, Abuja, he asked the woman why she did what she did but she wasn’t forthcoming with an answer, so he slapped her twice across the face, first, with the back of his hand, then with his palm on the other side of her face.

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While some defended him, saying the woman deserved the slap, others said he had no right to take the laws into his hands.

He apologized days later and said he allowed his “zeal and passion” to get the better of him.

Now, another video has emerged, showing him slapping an alleged scam artist in front of a crowd.

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