Watch video as Akoto Ampaw loses his cool following Aseidu Nketiah’s witty way of answering questions

The seriousness in the eyes of Lawyer Akoto Ampaw in cross-examining Aseidu Nketiah in the Supreme Court today explains the importance of the 2020 election petition and what it portends for Ghana’s democracy.

While the last cross-examination session was too uncomforting and mentally draining on General Mosquito following the persistent and unwavering questions from Lawyer Akoto Ampaw, today’s session was a bit of the former getting his way around the latter.

Lawyer Akoto Ampaw in his cross-examination of Aseidu Nketiah in the Supreme Court today emphatically said the NDC General Secretary in his witness statement has implied that former President Mahama won the 2020 General Election.

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He asked this question with so much certainty which suggested that Aseidu Nketiah just had to respond “Yes, I believe Mahama won the election.” But that was not the answer he got from General Mosquito who decided to lecture the court on election precedents in the country and link it to the 2020 election.

The bah blah blah from Aseidu Nketiah was clearly not an interest to Lawyer Akoto Ampaw who immediately interrupted him  by saying:

“Please Aseidu Nketiah, don’t lecture us. Answer the questions I put to you. You can’t lecture us…do not give us a lecture on what happens in politics in Ghana.”

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