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WATCH: Video of Tuo Zaafi seller stirring her soup with broom causes stir

A video showing a woman preparing meals for sale with a broom has gone viral on the internet, causing quite a stir.

A food vendor who had the choice of using the proper cooking utensil for her soup chose to utilize an unusual instrument to get the job done quickly.

A food vendor was seen on camera using a broom to stir the soup she was preparing in addition to the Tuo Zaafi for commercial sale in a viral video that went viral online.

The Hausa language gave birth to Tuo Zaafi, often known as T.Z. Tuo Zaafi is a staple dish in Ghana’s northern regions. Unlike other local foods like banku, fufu, and yam, T.Z is soft and less sticky, and is produced by frying maize dough with a little cassava.

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A vendor was seen stirring the soup with a broom while preparing the food for business purposes.

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