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WATCH: Video of unkempt Nana Agradaa causes massive stir online

Nana Agradaa, a controversial born-again Christian, has sparked outrage with a gruesome film of a church session attended by humans.

This viral video has shocked Ghanaians, as it is nearly impossible for Nana Agradaa to plant a new church at such a rapid pace.

Nana Agradaa is seen in the video making a dramatic entrance into the church hall, where members are already gathered and waiting.

She is dressed in a way that contradicts the image she has always projected on social media.

As she checks the members, she moves effortlessly across the church hall and stands in front of the stage.

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Throughout the video, one cannot help but note the multicolored ornamentation used to enhance the room’s appearance.

However, because of the terrible color scheme, it appeared tacky.

She walked over to the group and motioned for a man to be ushered into her presence.

He kneeled at her feet after the man beckoned and stood in front of her, but she urged him to rise.

Take a look at the video below.

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