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Watch Video: Opambour and Agradaa goes live on social media, reveal each other’s dirty secrets

In a compilation video sighted on YouTube, the two were seen lambasting each other mercilessly as they reveal each other’s dirty secrets.

Nana Agradaa claimed that the man of God has been sleeping with the wives of his junior pastors and for so many years of being married, he has never slept with his wife but rather his junior pastors’ wives.

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This was after Opambour stated in one of his sermons that any man of God who entertains chief priests in his church is not a true man of God. Well, this statement goes directly to Owusu Bempah since he is a very good friend of the priestess.

Also, the fact that Opambour is now protecting and entertaining Osofo Appiah Biblical who used to be Nana Agradaa’s small boy is another matter they are insulting each other about.

Watch the video below:

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