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‘Western Togolanders’ can turn into Al-Qaeda – Security expert

Yaro Kasambata a security expert has said that if this secessionist group is not dealt with they will soon turn to be just like Al-Qaeda.

According to the lecture at the University of Professional Studies (UPSA), Al-Qaeda started giving the United state of America (USA) signals and they refused to respond aggressively just as the government is doing with the ‘Western Togoland’ rebels.

Speaking with Captain Kofi Owusu on Ahotor FM, he said the people championing the agenda has a perfect plan and strategy and that can be dangerous.

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“The people championing the agenda has a well-planned strategy and their timing is a treat, and if don’t react as a country they can go overboard and create chaos during the elections,” he said.

He added on the show Daily News Ghana monitored that the government and the security agencies have failed in handly the issue.

“The way and manner in which we have dealt with the issues of treason have emboldened other groups.”

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