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Why Accra is trending on Twitter

Some Ghanaians have taken to Twitter to share their expectations in the aftermath of today’s rainfall.

Just as reported in the news whenever there is massive rainfall, the users are awaiting the headline; ‘Accra flooded after hours of downpour’ on news portals.

They also shared videos of the heavy winds that preceded the rains today.

Some users were also excited to see the rains.

On September 2, 2021, some parts of Accra were flooded following more than five hours of rainfall.

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There was gridlock in areas such as Tesano, Shiashie, Okponglo, where the roads were submerged, causing heavy traffic.

Also on Saturday, June 26, 2021, Accra experienced a 5-hour downpour. Some areas got flooded as a result.

The rains obstructed the flow of vehicular traffic on the Weija Barrier – West Hills Mall stretch of the Kasoa Highway, Haatso stretch, UPSA and Shiashie among other areas.

Many commuters were left stranded in traffic for hours. At Shiashie, some people left their cars in the flood because they were unable to drive through.

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