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Woman collapses after finding out that her husband is gay

After learning that her husband is bisexual, a woman was overcome with emotion and feelings.

According to the narrative shared with famous relationship specialist Joro Olumofin, the woman suspected her husband of straying for a long time but had no hard evidence until recently.

She apparently expected to catch him cheating on her with another woman, but to her surprise, her husband has been covertly cheating on her with another married man.

Bloodstains in his boxer, discovered shortly after bouts of passionate intimacy with his gay partner, gave him away.

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She also went through his WhatsApp chats with his gay partner and consolidated her suspicion and discovery.

The woman shared;

“What is going on?
My husband just came home. I tried to hug him. He just walked passed me. I warmed his food. He didn’t eat. He rushed to the bathroom to shower. To my curiosity Joro. I checked his pocket and inside his shoe. There was nothing there. I went to the car park to check the dustbin.

Joro I saw his boxer with blood. The blood was on the part of the buttocks. Not his penïs. There was blood there. I was shocked I came back into the house. My husband has changed the cream bedsheet to deep blue. I checked the bedsheet. It had blood again. He hid it under the bed. He was sleeping then. I am curious.

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What could be going on? There are sometimes you don’t want to bring up in marriage. Why could My husband be bleeding from the bvttocks anvl area. I am wide awake. I can’t sleep. I have just been looking at him. He doesn’t pass me as gay. I am in shock. Joro if youre awake please reply to me tonight.

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