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Woman crushed to death while celebrating birthday in a nightclub

A woman was crushed to death by a giant karaoke television screen while celebrating her birthday in a Russian nightclub.

Tatiana Pokhorenko, 35, died on the spot after the 440lbs metal construction with six screens crashed down on her in the city of Surgut in western Siberia, Russia.

The horrifying incident was captured by a CCTV camera at the local Gallery Club where Tatiana was celebrating her birthday with friends.

In the video, she is seen illuminated by blue light while dancing under karaoke screens installed on a structure hanging from the ceiling.

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Tatiana Pokhorenko (pictured), 35, died on the spot after a metal construction with six karaoke screens collapsed on her in the city of Surgut in western Siberia, Russia
The deceased.

The structure moved up then suddenly collapsed on Tatiana from a height of 25 ft.

The footage then shows shocked witnesses rushing to the scene and removing the metal construction. Tatiana can be seen lying motionlessly on the dance floor.

A crew of paramedics announced Tatiana’s death after receiving a call and racing to the scene.

David Skvortsov, who was working as a DJ at the club when the tragedy unfolded, told local media: “I was lifting up the screens so that customers on the first floor could enjoy karaoke as well.

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“At one point, the karaoke screens dropped down and killed the woman.”

The club’s owner, identified as Semen Kopaigora, was investigated and found responsible.

On July 6, the businessman was charged with causing death by negligence and received a three-year suspended sentence.

According to prosecutors, Kopaigora “installed the structure with karaoke screens without making sure it meets safety requirements.”

The Surgut city court explained the verdict was softened due to mitigating circumstances.

Judges took into account Kopaigora’s two young children, his actions to make amends to the victim’s relatives, and the fact he had admitted his guilt, local media reports.

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