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Woman after my own heart – Haruna Iddrisu pens love letter to Joyce Bawa Mogtari

Member of Parliament for Tamale South Haruna Iddrisu has penned down a love letter to the special aid to the former President John Maham, Joyce Bawa Mogtari.

Celebrating the birthday of Joyce Bawa who turned a year on Friday, January 1, 2020, Haruna Iddrisu showed his sweet side.

In the letter Daily News Ghana sighted Haruna Iddrisu describe Joyce Bawa as a woman after his own heart.

“Joyce Bawah Mogtari is a woman after my own heart as a language enthusiast, sapiosexual and conscientious feminist.”

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Read the full post below.

“Joyce Bawah Mogtari is a woman after my own heart as a language enthusiast, sapiosexual and conscientious feminist. I first got fascinated and hypnotised by her eloquent and well-reasoned political communication on TV. Since then, I have come to admire and adore her greatly with capital G.
Auntie Joyce is a very beautiful woman of royal mien. She stands on her own clouts and checks a generous number of boxes of a complete woman. Mother. Role model. Name it.
Of course, she is not just an enchanting spectacle of God’s most valued impressions. But she is a scriptural in-text citation of modesty and magnanimity; too kind to a fault. Say, a bundle of virtuousness!
Even more, is the effortless manner in which she expresses her critical thoughts – like a knife through butter. She communicates critical ideas with impressionable fluidity. But then, her oratory prowess is in tandem with the fine lawyer that she is.
I love to refer to her as the “resplendent” and “evergreen” Joyce Bawah Mogtari. As a logophile with great hesitation for word abuse, I sparingly precede names with these adjectives except for women with intimidating appreciation of “Calculus”.
Happy birthday Auntie Joyce Bawah Mogtari. God bless your new age.”

Hanan-Confidence Abdul
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