You can not intimidate us – E/R NDC fight back Nananom

In an interview Daily News Ghana monitored, the Eastern Regional Communications Officer of the NDC, Dallas Williams said they will not accept any form of intimidation from the Kwahu Traditional Council.

The Kwahu Traditional Council has ordered the immediate closure of two Pro-NDC radio stations; OKwahu FM and Afram FM, which are owned by former Eastern Regional Secretary of the party, Mark Oliver Kevor.

It has also banned the NDC from holding events on its land until further notice.

The decision came after the Council accused the party and its regional executives of gross disrespect and invoking curses on supposed non-residents seeking to register in the ongoing nationwide voters’ registration exercise.

But speaking on Eyewitness News Dallas Williams said the party’s regional executives are unfazed by the Council’s decision.

“We do not want to drag issues with Nananom. We will not fall short in protecting our rights and we will not allow anybody to intimate us. Nananom cannot just order for the closure of radio stations. That cannot be done.”

He indicated that the Council failed to engage with NDC executives and hear their side of the story before arriving at those decisions.

He said party executives have reported the issue to the Divisional Police Command.

“In order not to be described as people who do not work with laws, we formally lodged a complaint with the Divisional Police Command,” he said.

Source: DailyNewsGhana.com

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