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You will die in two weeks – Fan curses Wendy Shay

After declaring herself filled with the light and grace of the Lord, Wendy Shay immediately proceeds to act in a very unchristian manner.

The “Shayning Star” was just recently on a radio interview waxing lyrical about seeing the light of the Lord and having a special kind of relationship with him.

But just like typical Christians, the Rufftown signee is not one to turn the other cheek as Jesus said. After posting a photo of herself in an outfit Christians probably wouldn’t approve of on Facebook, there were a number of interesting comments but one particular one seems to have hit her hard.

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A commenter by the name @Brah DE Jong posted “Two weeks to die Shay RIP”.

A lot of her followers descended on him and gave him a dose of his own medicine so she didn’t really need to respond herself.

But obviously triggered, Jesus’s latest recruit threw his prediction right back at him. “I rebuke you in Jesus name you will die in two weeks”.

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