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Young guy in hot water after he made ‘rape’ comment on DJ Switch

Richard Amoah is currently facing the wrath of netizens after he made a ‘rape’ comment on Ghanaian young DJ Switch.

Coming on the beautiful photo of the young DJ Richard Amoah wrote: “A for chop this kiddie”.

Reacting to the guy’s comment Ghanaian actress Ama K Abebrese wrote: “This guy is called Richard Amoah and he feels justified in writing on the internet that he will ‘rape’ a child DJ Switch.‘Rape’ because a child cannot consent to sex with an adult. This disgusting man and people like this are in society. I speak with families of defiled children and there is nothing funny about this. This very abhorrent. 😡.’

Reacting to her post a lot of netizens demand the arrest of you man.
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